What We Believe

We are committed to the journey of faith, humble service, and inclusion of all. 



We believe that faith is a process - a journey. It isn't about having all the right answers. We come from many backgrounds and traditions. In our church, there are no tests of faith. The Bible is taken seriously but not literally.

We affirm the sacredness of all mainstream religions as paths that can lead to the holy. We value our oneness with all who work for justice.



Humble acts of service and bold advocacy for justice are a vital part of the expression of our Christian faith as we are called by God to make a difference in the world for good. Our congregation is known in the community for being active and involved in reaching out to meet human need and in being agents of social change to address the challenges of our times.



Everyone is welcome here: believers and agnostics, conventional Christians and questioning skeptics, people of all sexual orientations, queer folks, the despairing and the hopeful, those of all races and cultures, and those of all classes and abilities. Jesus didn’t turn anyone away—neither do we. We also won't ask you to change who you are. 

Our church is a part of the wider family of Christian churches called The United Church of Christ (UCC). The UCC is characterized by respect for an individual’s belief, local church governance (no hierarchy telling us what to do), honor of various worship traditions, and active involvement in the world to further justice and offer hope for all

What is progressive theology? 

At FCC, we believe Progressive theology is a transformative approach to understanding and living out sacred teachings. At its core, it emphasizes the innate worth of every individual. Inspired by the example of Jesus and others, it advocates for social justice, inclusivity and recognizes the validity of other spiritual paths. Instead of viewing God as a distant, heavenly being, progressive theology focuses on the God that resides within us, alongside us, and in the world around us.


Progressive theology encourages a modern, inclusive interpretation of religious teachings, moving beyond fixed doctrines of the past. Our understanding of the Bible is enriched by acknowledging its historical and cultural contexts. In essence, progressive theology champions love and justice and melds ancient wisdom with modern needs towards a more dynamic and evolving faith.


We are affiliated with The Center for Progressive Christianity and affirm their “8 Points.“

By calling ourselves progressive Christians, we mean that we are Christians who…

1. Believe that following the path and teachings of Jesus can lead to an awareness and experience of the Sacred and the Oneness and Unity of all life;

2. Affirm that the teachings of Jesus provide but one of many ways to experience the Sacredness and Oneness of life, and that we can draw from diverse sources of wisdom in our spiritual journey;

3. Seek community that is inclusive of ALL people, including but not limited to: Conventional Christians and questioning skeptics, Believers and agnostics, Women and men, Those of all sexual orientations and gender identities, Those of all classes and abilities;

4. Know that the way we behave towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe;

5. Find grace in the search for understanding and believe there is more value in questioning than in absolutes;

6. Strive for peace and justice among all people;

7. Strive to protect and restore the integrity of our Earth; and

8. Commit to a path of life-long learning, compassion, and selfless love.