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Today, more than ever, the world needs the strong, bright witness of inclusive, justice-seeking congregations like ours, particularly in Fort Worth, Texas. Communities of faith who will speak out for immigrants, for example, as well as advocate for reproductive justice, religious pluralism, and abolishment of the death penalty have a critically important role to play in this moment.


First Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) of Fort Worth is highly visible in our community and beyond for our strong commitment to justice and inclusion founded in our progressive Christian theology.


Like any organization, much of our financial need is mundane – air-conditioning, staff salaries, and lawn care for our six-acre property. We see our purpose as providing a nurturing community in as many ways as possible. Our building houses a weekly Buddhist meditation group (Cultivating Mindfulness), a Montessori preschool, Dharma Recovery (mindfulness-based addiction support), Art & Soul, The Welman Project (a non-profit that benefits public schools), Makom Shelanu Congregation (inclusive Jewish congregation) and more.


We keep our rental costs as low as possible to support all these activities. In addition, weekly worship and thriving progressive Christian education for all ages make us busy seven days a week.


It takes time, talent, and treasure to make love real here and now and to bring about meaningful change in the world. We are changing and saving lives, quite literally, here.


And you can help. You may click the "Give Now" button and sign up with Vanco--an online giving program--that allows you to give on a regular basis or to give a one-time gift.